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Kaahwa-employee skills

Employee soft skills Course:

Employee soft skills enables employees to gain the knowledge required to perform their duties while contributing to their organization. These training programs are designed to help employees learn different skill sets to perform their daily tasks efficiently, improve overall performance, develop efficiency in their job, and avoid violations of laws and regulations.

At Kaahwa we offer the following employee soft skills Modules:

1. Job Skills: 

You will learn about the basic levels of performance that most employers expect from all their employees. You will also find out how employers evaluate their workers and master what to do to be successful on the job. 

2. Human relationship on the job: 

Although  you'll  probably  enjoy  most  of  the  time  you  spend  working,  you'll  also  face  some challenges when dealing with people on the Job. No one is perfect. By solving the problems you face, you can learn from them and make your relationships at work more pleasant. 

3. Work attitude: 

At work you communicate with many people, your Boss, Co-workers, and Customers. You need to make yourself understood. Every day you'll have to write messages and understand what you read, as well as listen and talk to people. You don't want to be embarrassed because you can't speak or write clearly. You will want to be the best communicator you can be. 

4. Making career progress on the Job: 

You will learn about some things you can do to avoid setbacks and to make progress toward your ultimate career goal. You will learn how to grow and advance in your present job. You will learn how to change jobs and what to do if you lose a job. You will also learn about the importance of re-evaluating your goal so that you can adjust to personal and economic changes. 

5. Customer care soft skills: 

Developing your customer care soft skills can make you a more effective representative and more qualified when speaking with customers.

6. Soft skills for Sales and Marketing: 

Sales reps who hit their team’s sales goals quarter after quarter have a few things in common — soft skills. These are the abilities a salesperson has to build relationships, encourage productive conversation, and provide an exceptional customer experience.

There are plenty of topics covered in these sections. Each section covering the options from beginner to expert level and are covered in a simple manner that will make you an expert.


Study 30 mins a day for 1 month or Less

Level: Employees, Leaders, Managers and anyone who wants to develop their skills and work on their personal growth.

So, Just Click on Apply Now Button & Enjoy the full Employee Soft skills Course. Happy Learning!